Afterimage: Philosophical Science Fiction Thriller

​​Small-town journalist Ilene Ishue stumbles into the story of a lifetime when she encounters a ​secretive research team who believe they can harness the energy that is released when the body of a sentient being dies.


As ​Ilene Ishue pursues the story of a mysterious hospital explosion, she discovers​ ​​this​ secret world of researchers intent on understanding the intricacies of the transition from life to death.


The ramifications of these experiments draw the attention of​ ​a ​diverse group of professionals: an International Atomic Energy Agency station chief in the Indian Ocean, a field agent of the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco, and an iconic owner of a medical equipment conglomerate headquartered in Texas.


What they learn will change everything we know and believe about our universe, providing they can avert the apocalyptic chain reaction they’ve started.




​​Eternity bridges the instant between life and death...


 | A Philosophical Science Fiction Thriller |



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